SoundBox V3

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A new and improved replacement for FireWare's Fusion.

The new way to bring sound into an exercise

- IP65 waterproof
- 45 built-in sound effects for staging
- Import your own sounds via your smartphone
- Control via wifi app or on the machine
- Multiple SoundBoxes V3 can be placed in one wifi network
- Equipped with battery and charger
- Supplied in plastic transport case 30 x 20 x 23,5 cm with foam interior

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SoundBox V3


Waterproof with 45 sound effects

Fire sounds and sparks. A barking dog. People sobbing or a crying baby. Cries for help in various languages. These are just some of the sounds that can be simulated with the FireWare SoundBox V3. This soundbox includes a licence to use over 45 FireWare sound effects specifically for staging. Confront students with a collapse behind them or an explosion somewhere in the building. Do they react adequately to the sound of a liquid or gas leak? Train very diverse and challenging scenarios with this speaker!


Robust and waterproof

The SoundBox V3 is IP65 water resistant and very robust. This makes it the perfect tool for adding sound effects to exercises involving water. The speaker is completely sealed and the cover protects the controls and display.


Handy operation

With the special FireWare software, operating the SoundBox V3 is a piece of cake. The advanced menu structure and the clear screen make it easy to find the right sound. It is even possible to put sounds in a special order by means of a playlist. First an explosion and then a fire!


Multiple sound boxes in one wifi network

During a good staging, sound comes from several directions. The sound of the fire coming from right in front, the cries for help from the first victim in a neighbouring room, and maybe even the barking of a dog somewhere... By placing several SoundBoxes in one Wi-Fi network, you can create an extremely realistic sound experience during the exercise. And as an instructor, you can control all the sounds with one app! The big advantage of wifi is that the distances that can be bridged during an exercise are many times greater than with bluetooth.


Use your own sounds

The SoundBox V3 comes with a licence to use over 45 realistic sounds in 6 languages that you can use during an exercise. Is your sound not included? Then you can even stream your own sounds directly to the soundbox via your smartphone!


Solidly packed

Exercise equipment is used in tough conditions. Naturally, the SoundBox V3 is extremely durable. But to prevent damage during transport and storage, the SoundBox V3 is delivered in a plastic crate with a matching foam interior. The supplied battery charger can also be stored neatly in the crate! And the user manual? We supply them digitally with a QR code on the machine. Very handy, so you will never lose it again!


Complete staging

Using the SoundBox V3, you can realistically stage various scenarios. For example, the simulation of a fire. When the men enter a room, they listen to where the fire is. Or they hear a victim calling out and move towards him through the dense smoke. But you can also add fire sounds to a simulation with the Phoenix Silkflame in combination with a Cumulus smoke machine, for example. One thing is certain: with the SoundBox V3, you are guaranteed realistic sound effects in your staging.


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