Sports care has become a more and more important industry over the years. Focus on sports and treatment of sports injuries will be only bigger and more commercial. In Optisafe, we recognize the need to treat and post treat athletes and their physical challenges.

We simply choose to do it the Optisafe way, which involves the right support through the right and properly labeled products.

For us, a cold pack is not just a cold pack. It must meet some legal requirements. The same applies to sportswear and elastic bands where the marking must be in the top.

Especially cold packs are an important single use product for both amateurs and professional athletes. Therefore, Optisafe has some approved, simple and economical solutions within the known treatment method against swelling. Two different sizes of cold pack without too much trouble.

And regarding support, our sports tape, kinesiology tape and elastic band are all of the best quality. It does not have to be complicated. Our goods are anything but that.

Whether it's cold or heat treatment, we'll find the solution. In addition, our offer includes medical teams for medical teams. We have many years of experience with sports where injuries often occur.

At you can choose from several product categories. Ideal tie - tie - elastic band Kinesiology tape Sports Tape Ice cream - ice gel Heat lotion oils Medical bags - sports bags

The immediate easiest way to an Sporting program containing all the necessary things for just your sport or sports club.

Our range grows every month with new products and applications. In addition, we expand our website with information and advice on situations that require first aid in the form of sports care with various products and techniques.

No challenge is too big or small for us in Optisafe. We believe in and win with you.