Första hjälpen-kit

Första hjälpen-kit

The need for first aid kits may vary depending on whether you are going to provide a business or a private home. We are by your side, so you get the right solution. First aid bags, first aid kits or a third thing. With the right information, you also get the right product.

The market today is filled with first aid boxes in all colors and shapes. But one thing is certain. There is a long way between first aid kits that keep what their name promises. Whether we speak hard box or soft bag solutions, we always choose standard solutions according to our experience in the field. After many years, we know what works and what to keep you away from.

Optisafe delivers only approved solutions and always strives to comply with applicable labeling and certification rules, giving consumers, the level of security required in the market.

Buy first aid kit and be sure of the quality - buy from us

Whether it's a first aid kit for the home or a huge first aid kit for the workshop in the company. We know what to buy.

Based on carefully selected standard content, we find the first aid kit that suits the need.

In view of the small details, we have found parts belonging to real first aid equipment. There is nothing worse than standing with a product that does not meet expectations when you have bought a first aid kit.

Get products for the treatment of wounds, burns, sprains, swellings, bumps, abrasions and the like. You get the furthest with the right gear. Then check with Optisafe before purchasing new equipment.

Our wound dressings and instruments are well-proven and tested for the sole purpose of providing proper and effective first aid.

We go from traditional equipment to the more modern and smart look. But we never compromise on quality and labeling.