They are everywhere. Emergency Bags. A bag of reasonable size and quality to assist rescue personnel with emergency equipment for injured persons of any kind. Packing an emergency bag can be very individual, as an emergency rescue has different preferences for what equipment she needs to be prepared for all accident scenarios.

Optisafe delivers wrapping and content according to your wishes. We have emergency airbags from AMBU, which has a clear program of rescue equipment for rescue personnel. Three different bag sizes and an ampullarium, all made in the complan material, which is durable and very easy to clean.

The high visibility of reflexes and the recognizable red color make the bag ideal for rescue where there is traffic and other possible risks that can make rescue work difficult for even a very experiences professional firefighter or emergency worker.

We have extensive experience in equipping bags - especially when it comes to special solutions for a specific working function in rescue. There is room for oxygen and dressings as well as various tools and smaller storage bags for medicines and ampoules.

If you take any accident, then it is the first aid on the spot that makes the difference and buys the time needed for further treatment, which takes place at a nearby hospital. If you do not have the right equipment along with you as a rescuer, then it toughens your situation and, at worst, makes it impossible to provide efficient first aid to an injured person.

Your ingenuity will be put to a difficult test if you are not prepared for all emergencies. Emergency bags are meant to be the silent companions and assistants when you face an accident. It undoubtedly makes your work a little bit easier.

In Optisafe we ensure that you can treat as efficiently as possible.