You know it very well. You must treat a burn, but of course, have "only" water at your fingertips. Could not it be nice next time to have the right solution for your sunburned nose or burnt on your arm caused by the barbecue the night before?

One of the most popular compounds for burns is the connection to a decisive fire treatment. With a moment's notice, you should give a burn treatment. There is no time to waste. Therefore, several manufacturers have developed gel or cream for burns.

What causes burns? You make sure to cool and add moisture in the form of the right things.

Foot ulcer cream for burns treatment. At Optisafe, we provide a modern first aid product in situations where the skin is burned and damaged due to direct contact with excessive temperatures or UV rays.

BurnAid is gel and dressings for emergency fire treatment. The immediate easy and effective way to relieve and treat wounds of different size and combustion. A fire damage is serious and may mean the property of a permanent nature.

A rapid response and emergency treatment can therefore be crucial for a quick restoration of a person's quality of life. With fire, you have at least started doing the important process.

In addition, we also have a precise range of aids for emergency situations that require first response in fire and fire damage.

Special connectors and instruments are a necessity if it needs to be treated efficiently and quickly.

Our BurnAid products are available in different sizes and functions. From all sorts of dressings, gel to spray and kits.

There is nothing worse than standing in a sharp situation and lack. Then click by our product page here and find the solution that suits you and the function you fill in as a first aider.