Must you as a specialist deal with airway management on an everyday basis? Then you may be able to benefit from our products. We try to provide you and your work colleagues with the best quality.

Acute airway management with possibly oxygen mask, when free airways are not obtainable normally. At Optisafe we operate both with training products and products for consumption. Highest quality ventilation bags from AMBU, turning more and more into disposable products for one-time use concepts. An idea that makes sense if you keep all things clean and sterile. The same with tongue holders, mouth to mouth masks such as the AMBU Rescue Mask or the venturi masque.

We constantly try to follow the latest results in the field and new knowledge is a good source of finding new, useful products.

Emergency therapists and paramedics can benefit from our products for airway management, as it is used every day in the country's many hospitals and ambulances.

But just for training, you can use our solutions together with some of our simulation models designed to deal with airway management. For example, AMBU Airway Management or the exceptional Ambu Airway Man.

Today, nothing is impossible for the one who simply dares question a training situation that may lack a little realism.

More and more teachers know where to go if they need a serious sparring partner who can come up with ideas for teaching in terms of knowledge about other types of teaching and standards. According to us, Optisafe should, as a minimum, remain curious about your work as rescue worker and / or teacher. Without the curiosity you do not develop yourself and your function at work.

At worst, it can result in deaths but dropped off on any student page that needs inspirational learning.

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