Första hjälpen utrustning

Första hjälpen utrustning

No wound treatment without bandages and plaster patches. No rescue without the possibility of emergency assistance and immobilization. Your search for first aid equipment starts with us, because we are experts.

Here you will find all our first aid equipment for teaching and emergency use. We take pride in delivering approved quality from our serious suppliers from all over the world. There is no difference between service and quality, whether it's compress dressings, eye wash or foil blankets.

We stand for all products when it comes to first aid equipment. Our long-standing cooperation partners from AMBU, 3B Scientific and TraumaLab stand for the best in training, teaching and treatment.

Our knowledge of first aid funds and content or sports care and burns is basically about interest in first aid. It is so important with the dissemination of general knowledge about how to treat injured persons that Optisafe considers it our finest job to support with advice and quality products every time a customer calls or puts an item in the cart on optisafe.dk.

If you need props and material for your education, call us and talk about what experiences we've had with your challenges. We also always learn from our customer's input.

It may also be that you and your colleagues are missing special products or consumables for packing up cars or bags. We are always ready with approved solutions that have been tested over several years by many professionals worldwide.

Our first aid products such as neck braces, emergency bags and plasters always testify to high quality, which all our customers deserve when dealing with as important items as these that will help save lives.

We can say without hesitation that we know what we are talking about when it comes to first aid equipment for teaching others. And we always help you with the right solutions.