A defibrillator can make the difference between life and death. In Denmark, we understand that the presence of an AED defibrillator is a vital help if the accident occurs and there is a need to give a shock to an unconscious person who is not breathing.

All studies show that the chance of surviving cardiac arrest increases significantly if in the resuscitation process, a defibrillator is used. Combined with chest compressions and artificial respiration, you have the best odds to help make the most important difference.

Time is the most important factor, when it comes to lifesaving first aid. Therefore, as a first responder, you are also dependent on equipment that is reliable and tested.

As a starting point, all AEDs fulfill their main purpose - to give a shock to the heart. They are not dangerous to their surroundings and cannot harm anyone.

What does a defibrillator cost? The spread is wide and runs from a few thousand kroner and far up. Therefore, it may be a good idea to obtain references and experiences from product documentation so that you make a choice based on other things than just price and appearance.

How does a defibrillator work? You must basically deliver a shock so you restart the heart. A person with cardiac arrest has in 2/3 of the cases a heart that cannot pump the blood efficiently because of a wrong heartbeat. Therefore, with a shock we can recreate the right heartbeat.

How the different manufacturers then choose to deliver the shock to the injured person, there can be a big difference. When we look past the display, battery and electrodes that all products consist of, we think it's important with the right programming and thus delivering shock in the gentlest way. With an experienced manufacturer and supplier, we believe that you as a customer have the best starting point as a life saver. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to us before purchasing your product. We can give you the right advice.

Optisafe is one of the oldest dealers in the market for AED devices and has for many years worked with German Metrax, which produces the Primedic Heartsave defibrillator for public use. Our cooperation with the Germans is one of the reasons why we do not compromise on quality. But we also realize that the price is an important factor. Therefore, we believe that the Heartsave models are the best all-round solution for our customers, so they are guaranteed an AED that works if needed.