Konstgjord eld

Konstgjord eld

With background and experience from the theater industry, the people behind FireWare have the perfect starting point for creating the most real illusions simply by using sound and light. Even artificial fire can create a scenario that is worth believing. With simple instruments like air, light and sound you can quickly create an initial fire with all its smoke and odor and excitement.

With the right advice in this genre of make believe, we can create fires in the most unthinkable and forbidden places.

Imagine if you could set Christiansborg on fire without any kind of real personal danger. Or a primary school in school time, where the children are being evacuated. Only imagination sets the limits of what is possible with light, sound and smoke. Artificial fire is often a valuable teacher for professionals who must be aware of the realities of fire fires.

In Optisafe you are always welcome to get advice in the use of all our quality products for the use of various disaster scenarios. Nothing is too big for us.

We can do everything from artificial fire into a trash can for large projects involving large rural areas with buildings or industrial buildings.

Our Mini SilkFlame for small fires and Phoenix to slightly larger with the Chimera flame projector and FireSpots. If you add additional artificial smoke on the can with some realistic sound and smoke, you are being covered in real-life training and reproduction of real sharp situations.

Who says fake fire cannot be scary? We say the opposite in Optisafe. Look at the category and see what new products have come to mind lately. We constantly seek to add new and exciting ideas in the form of newly developed illusions for teaching professionals and amateurs so that they can be prepared for the most likely emergencies in the field.