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Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit

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  • Everything you need to stage a small fire extinguishing training in one set
  • Includes a Cirrus battery operated smoke machine, Pandora’s Box and an Apollo LED training fire extinguisher
  • Combine the training material for a realistic fire simulation, the sounds effects and the smoke experience of an incipient fire
  • Control the staging remotely with a wireless remote
  • Learn to extinguish a fire in a setting free of fire, water, foam or powder
  • Battery powered and directly ready to use
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Conduct a small simulated fire extinguishing exercise

Quickly and easily set up a complete exercise to teach students proper techniques for extinguishing fires? Combine Pandora’s Box with the Cirrus Battery Operated smoke machine for a realistic fire simulation, the sounds effects and the smoke experience of an incipient fire. Then challenge students to take adequate action and assess their fire extinguishing skills. The training materials from the set are battery operated and immediately operational. The instructor stages the exercise in an instant!

Fire extinguishing training – safe and everywhere

Of course we are aware of the implications of Covid-19 for exercise programs. That is exactly why we have created the Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit. The training materials do not have to be connected to mains power during use. Therefore, trainees can spread out over the entire training environment and practice at a safe distance from each other. In addition, Pandora's Box and the FireWare Cirrus can be controlled remotely using the Pandora wireless remote control. This allows the instructor to influence the actions of the student from a distance.

Working with this set keeps the practice environment clean, training can be practiced almost anywhere. Moreover, the next student can quickly take his or her turn. In a single day a large number of people can be trained in fire extinguishing techniques without the associated risks of a fire.

Pandora's box – a complete exercise box for all kinds of scenarios
With Pandora's Box you set up a complete exercise, in which many senses are stimulated. With the two powerful LED flame luminaires, a red one and an orange one, you can create all kinds of simulation options. Enhance the fire simulation by simultaneously playing a realistic fire sound. In addition, the sound of a liquid leak, an explosion, a collapse and a gas leak are also included in the box. And what about the possibilities for your scenario involving a victim's sobbing, a crying baby or a cry for help? You can play all sounds at the same time or create a mix. All with one wireless remote control.

FireWare Cirrus - create smoke on battery
The FireWare Cirrus generates smoke and operates on a battery. At the push of a button, the machine produces smoke after only 2 seconds of warming up. The FireWare Cirrus smoke machine can continuously produce smoke continuously for up to 10 minutes on one battery charge. But also 250 puffs of 10 seconds, for example. If you connect the smoke machine to Pandora's Box, you can control the Cirrus remotely with the Pandora's remote control. Pandora's box even has a special storage compartment for a FireWare Cirrus. Combine the training material to create an autonomous training device, with which you can practice in rooms without power supply.

Apollo LED training fire extinguishers – practice fire extinguishing properly without creating a mess
Teach students proper techniques for extinguishing fires in every training environment with the Apollo LED training fire extinguisher. The extinguishing spray of the Apollo LED is simulated using LED lighting. That is why you can practice in places where it would normally be impossible or difficult to do so or where water, foam or powder cannot be used.

With the Apollo LED you address every sense of the student as realistically as possible. The training fire extinguisher feels like a real fire extinguisher, sounds like a real fire extinguisher and weighs the same. This means that students handle it the same way they would handle an actual extinguisher.

The Apollo LED is available in 3 variants. When choosing for the Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit, you can go for the Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguisher Squeeze Handle 6 L, the Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguisher Push Button 6 L or the Apollo LED CO2 Training Fire Extinguisher 2 L.

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