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Electronic Explosion Simulator V2

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- Simulating explosions to 120 decibel.
- With a single touch of a button.
- Interval and volume adjustable.
- Including reduction valve, battery and charger.
- Works on propane.
- Not suitable for interior use.
- Remote control is included.

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Easier to transport

Whereas the Explosion Simulator V1 still had to be assembled before use, this is no longer necessary for the V2. The simulator fits in its entirety into a plastic box. The box is fitted with a foam interior which ensures that the explosion simulator is well and securely packed during transport and storage.


A minimum of loose parts

The Explosion Simulator V2 has almost no loose parts: the battery, base and cannon are integrated into one compact unit. Only the barrel, remote control and charger are included separately.


Volume adjustable through the barrel

The longer the barrel, the louder the bang. The adjustable barrel is supplied separately. Is the explosion coming from the "bare" device not loud enough? Then mount the supplied barrel to go even louder. Up to a maximum sound volume of c.a. 120dB.


Feedback via remote control

The compact remote control provides feedback when the "blast" command is received by the receiver. The button is pressed and feedback is received, but there’s no bang? Then it's time to check the gas supply.


Single bang or salvo

The Explosion Simulator V2 is capable of simulating either a single explosion or a salvo of explosions. The choice is up to the instructor!


High quality battery charger, switch and reducer

Only high-quality components were used in the design of the Explosion Simulator V2. Solid IP65 switches, a CTEK intelligent battery charger and a reducer with hose breakage protection. The instruction manual is always available through a QR code on the back of the device.


Professional use only

This explosion simulator causes a controlled explosion with a sound volume of c.a. 120dB. With a limited pressure wave. This can cause hearing damage, among other things, if used incorrectly. This simulator is therefore not suitable for indoor use. The instructor / operator is expected to have sufficient knowledge and skills to use this training device safely and effectively.

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