Avancerat livsstöd

Avancerat livsstöd

Our range of products for healthcare professionals offers only the best and most modern possibilities in advanced life support. Whether we speak Neo-natal resuscitation - the resuscitation of newborn or conventional resuscitation of a cardiac arrest, our products in training and simulation are among the most realistic in the market for advanced resuscitation.

With training dolls like AMBU Defib Man and AMBU Man Advanced, we can move a whole simulation unit's learning level without any problems. All training of advanced revival is done with the hands of the forefront backed by electronic hardware, which records and collects data for aftermath and reflection and discussion among teachers and students.

With our help, you can continue building on the level of learning within resuscitation, so that there will not be a standstill when the patient is handed over by the rescuers.

Exercise defibrillation, chest compression, inflow, intubation and many other interventions that require routine and experience when done in real patients. Why not just train on the next best thing? A 100% realistic training doll.

The knowledge of your colleagues and colleagues in the intensive care of injured persons can be refine by repeating repeated exercises where errors are all right. That way, you learn the right way each time, while safely controlling any pitfalls during a treatment.

Optisafe always looks for the best products for you as a customer. All studies and much research document that training and simulation is a gain if it becomes more and more detailed as you become more and more experienced and able to work.

We always recommend that people start at a level that suits them. Then they can build on and end up being able to handle even our very great solutions in the field of war victims, pregnant women and more precise surgical interventions on artificia)l models.