Give yourself and your students an extra experience when you use training manikins from, among others, Ruth Lee and Ambu. With the right accessories for these training manikins, you can make realism even higher in any training situation where manikins are to be handled. We have, as some of our things, boots for extra durability on the manikins' feet or a face with associated hair for the manikin.

Rescue services from all over the world are not mistaken in their views. The more realistic a training scenario, the better training and practice of routines. Accessories for training manikins help with this. Not only with extra durability for the manikins together with spare parts. You get students who perform better through an even better experience in the exercises.

At Optisafe, we constantly search the market for new products that can help lift our other products to unknown heights in training and education. By training repeatedly we eradicate more and more coincidences. When the training is realistic, the concentration increases by the rescuers and students who are starting to train.

We can also add sound to the manikins so they suddenly say something when we look for them, move them and save them.

When you already have a training manikin, let Optisafe help with the right accessories. We take the dialogue with you and your colleagues so you are free to go in vain in your search for opportunities to reinforce and improve your training scenarios and setups around your education of fire and rescue personnel on land and at sea. Yes, even in the air.

The cost of our accessories is usually minimal. But on the other hand, the opportunities to win at increased learning are so much greater when realism gets a kick behind. There is no one better to help you than us from Optisafe. Here you will find only the very best accessories for training manikins.