Blue Phantom Understanding Ultrasound for Guiding Central Catheter Insertions

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Competency Development Curriculum Book.

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Blue Phantom’s education package “Understanding Ultrasound For Guiding Central Catheter Insertions" is designed to efficiently and effectively instruct the clinician how to use ultrasound to guide the placement of central catheters in the internal jugular vein, axillary vein, subclavian vein, and the brachial and basilic veins. By using proven instruction techniques, this education package takes the user with little or no experience using ultrasound for central catheter insertions to a high level of understanding how to utilize ultrasound imaging to guide central venous access procedures.

This education package contains three important components that work together to bring the user to a high level of understanding of how to use ultrasound to guide central catheter insertions. The education package includes:

  • Competency Development Curriculum book
  • Focused Visual Learning video DVD
  • Blue Phantom™ Select Series Branched 2-Vessel Hands-on Training Model*

The coursework begins with a written curriculum which establishes the foundation for success by taking the reader through the fundaments of ultrasound physics, ultrasound system instrumentation, adjusting ultrasound system controls, how to obtain ultrasound images, and how to identify vessels and differentiate between arteries and veins using ultrasound imaging. The content builds on the basics learned in early chapters taking the reader through detailed instruction on how to use ultrasound to guide central catheter insertions including optimal room setup, using needle guides vs. freehand needle guidance techniques, the use of echogenic needles, sheathing the transducer to maintain a sterile field, and ultimately, putting all of the pieces together to guide a needle to the intended vessel during an ultrasound guided central venous access procedure. The reader tests their knowledge and builds confidence throughout the curriculum by completing quick quizzes and self assessment tests through the book. The written curriculum ends with a final test as the user verifies their retention of information learned in the book. The expected time to complete the written curriculum is 4.5 hours. The book also contains a competency checklist example allowing clinicians and program directors to establish knowledge and skill base.

The second step in the curriculum is the visual learning video DVD. Building on the information learned previously, the video DVD offers a visual representation of the information learned in the written curriculum. This 12 minute professionally made video DVD, filmed by the acclaimed filmmaker David DuBois, received the prestigious Telly Gold Medal Award for Best Educational Film.

The final ingredient to learning how to successfully use ultrasound for guided central venous access procedures included in the education package is a Blue Phantom Branched 2 Vessel vascular access ultrasound training model. Allowing the user to apply the skills learned in the written curriculum and video DVD, this vascular access ultrasound training model assists the user in their development of the psychomotor skills necessary to guide a needle to an intended vein during an ultrasound guided central catheter insertion procedure. This extremely realistic and ultra-durable model offers the user a training model so they can repeatedly practice their learned techniques thus building confidence and skills.

*Users are able to upgrade the phantom model included in the education package from a Branched 2 vessel ultrasound training phantom model to a Branched 4 Vessel ultrasound training phantom model for an additional price.

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