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Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher 2 L

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- Learn to extinguish fires without the need for a fire, water, foam or powder.
- Prepare students for real-life situations in any practice area.
- Operate the Apollo LED exactly like a standard CO2 extinguisher.
- Built-in sound effects of a sputtering CO2 extinguisher.
- The virtual tank gradually empties while extinguishing.
- Comes with stickers in Dutch, English, French and German.
- Also available with a push button and squeeze handle.

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Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher 2 L


Simulate a CO2 extinguisher exercise using LED lighting

If you want your students to gain experience in extinguishing techniques using a CO2 extinguisher, then the Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher 2 L is the perfect LED-based simulation extinguisher. This practice extinguisher can be used when training people to extinguish liquid fires and fires that break out in electrified equipment. The Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher is small, but because it has been weighted it feels very much like a real fire extinguisher.


Practice carbon dioxide extinguisher

Activate the Apollo LED CO2 using the on/off button located on the top of the practice extinguisher, after which the student can operate the Apollo LED practice extinguisher just like a standard CO2 extinguisher. The student removes the safety pin and as soon as the handle is squeezed the extinguisher replicates the sound of a real extinguisher spraying and a blue LED light is emitted from the nozzle, allowing the instructor to teach the student how to focus the extinguishing agent. A further dimension can be added to the scenario using a Seat-of-Fire training set or other device.

The tank gradually empties while it is in use. The tank level is shown using 4 LED lights. The fire extinguisher can operate for about 30 seconds on a full tank, and when it is almost empty the practice extinguisher replicates the sound of a sputtering extinguisher. The Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher  has a powerful battery that can be recharged using the supplied micro-USB cable.


Practice extinguishing with CO2 without a real fire

Carbon dioxide extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing liquid fires and fires that break out in electrical devices, making the Apollo LED CO2 Practice Extinguisher 2 L the perfect tool when teaching students how to extinguish fires in server rooms or data centres. Just like a real CO2 extinguisher, the Apollo LED Practice Extinguisher leaves no water, foam or powder residuals. This means that students can quickly swap places – an attractive and risk-free introduction to fighting fires!

If you need to practice using other operating mechanisms, the FireWare Apollo LED Practice Extinguisher is also available as a practice foam extinguisher with a squeeze handle or button-operated.


Assess extinguishing skills remotely

You may also want to teach extinguishing techniques remotely, such now while the COVID-19 pandemic is raging. Thanks to the Apollo LED Practice Extinguisher you can simply continue with your courses. Using a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or BigBlueButton, the instructor can share a screen. Simply display a video of, for example, an incipient fire and the student can simulate extinguishing the fire on the monitor from a remote location. Using the Apollo LED the student can then demonstrate whether he or she is able to perform all the necessary extinguishing actions

The instructor can watch on a webcam and provide feedback. Because the extinguisher can be 'refilled' at the touch of a button, the scenario can be repeated multiple times.


Repeated exercises with foam, water or air

If you want to perform realistic exercises using foam, water or air, then go for the Neptune CO2 Practice Extinguisher, the Neptune Practice Extinguisher with squeeze handle or the Neptune Practice Extinguisher with button. The practice extinguishers can be refilled using the Neptune Filling System so that exercises using extinguishing agents can be repeated multiple times.


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