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Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher Squeeze Handle 6 L

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- Learn to extinguish fires without the need for a fire, water, foam or powder.
- Prepare students for real-life situations in any practice area.
- Operate the Apollo LED using the squeeze handle, exactly like a real extinguisher.
- Built-in sound effects that replicates a sputtering extinguisher when empty.
- The virtual tank gradually empties while extinguishing.
- Comes with stickers in Dutch, English, French and German.
- Also available with a push button and with CO2.

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Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher Squeeze Handle 6 L


Learn to extinguish a fire in a setting free of fire, water, foam or powder

Thanks to the Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher Squeeze Handle 6 L, students can learn to deal with an incipient fire in any environment. There are times when one is unable to practice extinguishing real fires in certain locations. The Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher emits a powerful LED light that allows students to properly practice the safe use of fire extinguishers and how to act in the event of a fire. The practice extinguisher weighs the same as a real one, which means that students are confronted with a true-to-life situation.


LED practice foam extinguisher squeeze handle

The instructor activates the Apollo Practice Foam Extinguisher using a button located on the top of the device, and the extinguisher is operated using the squeeze handle, just like a standard fire extinguisher. The student removes the safety pin and, as soon as the handle is squeezed, the device makes a noise like a fire extinguisher in use and a blue LED light is emitted from the nozzle. This allows the instructor to train students how to focus the extinguishing agent. Create a realistic simulation in any location together with other devices, such as the Seat-of-Fire Training Set. The flame-effects can be turned off after a student has correctly learned to extinguish a fire, or it can be spread a little further if it was not properly extinguished or the student took too long.

The virtual tank will gradually empty while the fire is being extinguished – the level can be seen by the four LED lights on top of the practice extinguisher. A full tank will empty in approximately 30 seconds, and once it is empty the extinguisher will start to sputter. The Apollo LED has a powerful battery that can be recharged using the supplied micro-USB cable.


A clean practice area

Sometimes it is better not to use an extinguishing agent, such as when practicing in medical facilities such as hospitals. The Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher allows students to learn all the correct procedures they would have to follow in a real-life situation, but without the mess. That's because the Apollo LED does not release foam, powder or water and no damage is caused to a fragile environment. When you use the Apollo LED you keep the area clean, and that means that in a single day a large number of people can be trained to extinguish fires.

If you need to practice using other operating mechanisms, the FireWare Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher is also available with a push button and with CO2.


Assess extinguishing skills remotely

As a trainer there will be times when you wish to test extinguishing abilities remotely, maybe because of social distancing. That's easy to do with the Apollo LED Practice Foam Extinguisher – the trainer can share a screen using video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or BigBlueButton. The screen can display a video of a fire, allowing the student to simulate extinguishing the fire on the monitor from a remote location, and using the Apollo LED the student can then demonstrate whether he or she is able to perform all the necessary extinguishing actions.

The instructor can watch the proceedings on the webcam and provide feedback. Because the extinguisher can be 'refilled' at the touch of a button, the scenario can be repeated multiple times.


Repeated exercises using extinguishing agents

If you want to perform repeated exercises using foam, water or air, then go for the Neptune Practice Extinguisher with squeeze handle, the Neptune Practice Extinguisher with button or the Neptune CO2 Practice Extinguisher. The instructor can refill the practice extinguishers using the Neptune Filling System.


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